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At Complete Logistics, we offer a wide range of products and services.


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Mombasa Head Office

Physical Address: Mombasa CBD M-Plazabr
Postal Address: PO Box, Mombasa
Phone: 0662329700/0662329701

We understand that vessels make money at sea, when it is carrying its cargo between ports and the owner loses money when vessels are alongside the port and that there is need to be efficient to minimise port time and get the vessel back on its journey as soon as possible. We consider ourselves as the “interface” between land and sea and that both the speed of cargo handling and the efficiency of the shipping line depends on us. We therefore organise our cargo-handling in the port in a manner that will make great difference to the profitability of the shipping line.

Some of the areas we provide services are:

  • Container Lashing and Securing

    We appreciate that the job of container lashing and securing remains largely manual and hazardous operation with high possibility of injuries and even fatality and that with vessels growing larger and ports and terminals facing ever-higher call exchanges, the volume of work, and risk, for those working on deck and ashore is only multiplying.

    We have therefore classified the operation as high risk which can only be performed by trained personnel under close supervision to achieve the expected quality of work flawlessly.

  • Port yard operations

    This operation is handled by Tallying Clerks, Yard Clerks, Data Clerks, Tracers, Estimators, Bay Clerks, Gate In & Out Clerks and Vessel Planners. This experienced team will count your goods and match them with shipping invoices and packing orders to ensure the accuracy of incoming and outgoing shipments.

  • Many stock-takers will count stock, produce a valuation report and some form of surplus/deficit report, but will never sit down with you and identify where you can improve performance and save money? Complete Logistics will bridge this gap.

    We provide a stocktaking service that includes many added processes, giving clients valuable feedback and statistical analysis that can assist in improving the overall performance of the business. These include:

    • On-site and same day reporting
    • Stocktaking and auditing
    • Inventory planning
    • Inventory management consultancy
    • Bulk liquid stock taking and analysis
    • Bespoke (tailored) stocktaking and reporting
    • Post stocktaking analysis with client and management
    • Advice on item positioning

    Complete Logistics Stock Auditors are able to provide you with a full suite of reports following the input of the necessary data. These provide you with comprehensive information on which you can confidently base your management decisions.

    We have very competent drivers who are involved in imported vehicle dispatch and transfer from Mombasa port to destination. In this category, we offer the following services:

    1. Roll-on/roll-off

      We have a special team trained and experienced in off-loading vehicles from the vessel at the dock.

    2. Local transfers

      This is a special team involved in transfer of vehicles from the port to the local CFS’s. The team have good knowledge of all the CFS’s in Mombasa (locations and operations) which makes delivery of vehicles to destination quick and effective.

    3. Upcountry/Import transfers

      We have very competent and experienced drivers who are involved in delivery of imported vehicles to upcountry and other destinations in the East African states. The team consist of drivers for all classes of motor vehicles.